A Piece of Cake Grammar B2-C2- Teacher's Book

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A Piece of Cake Grammar B2-C2

A Piece of Cake Grammar B2-C2 seeks to help students achieve confidence and build a strong foundation in English Grammar.
An innovative approach to all grammatical phenomena and, as the title defines, it is an easy and simple method to grasp the English language at B2-C2 level.

This innovative approach to Grammar is recommended for:

  • students at B2, C1, C2 levels and can accompany any coursebook or exam preparation for certificates at these levels: Cambridge, Michigan, MSU, ESB, LRN, NOCN, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS.
  • adults who wish to consolidate their Grammar skills in depth, reaching C2 level.


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A Piece of Cake Grammar B2-C2

Key features are:

  • 12 comprehensive units (short and clear theory with examples)
  • Grammar Forum (questions and answers provided by students and teachers)
  • Structures presented in context
  • Vocabulary Booster at the end of each unit with a variety of exercises
  • Revision every three units
  • Writing skills enhanced at the end of each unit
  • Experiential learning (in a variety of activities)
  • Appendices
    Irregular Verbs – Phrasal Verbs – Words with Prepositions – Prepositional Phrases – Idioms – British/American/Australian English


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